Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Adventures With Mark... Top Ten List & Trivia!

I was hoping to be able to announce to all of you what our next move will be following Uganda. But we sincerely don’t know! This season has been a stretch for Sarah and I.  Very much like a resounding period at the end of a sentence with not another thought to follow. But we are trusting God and although we’ve prayed daily together for all of our married life we pray much more fervently these days!
And I’d like to point out that our time here has been full of exclamation points! So though we’re ending a season with a complete stop as I mentioned above, we will see this ending with an exclamation point because of the spectacular experience and opportunity to give and receive that this has been.   I will add some of those reasons here.

Top Ten List of Good Things About Being In Uganda
-Summer all year long
-Great relationships
-Not having to keep up with the Joneses as it were back in North America
-People are more important than the checklist
-Seeing amazing African animals
-A constant supply of fresh fruits & vegetables
-The African Children’s Choir Primary School
-Our fantastic house-help and guard – J. & F.… they are wonderful friends!
-Very few if any restrictions about anything… we have goats in our backyard
-The constant feeling of meaningfulness…there’s no ladder to climb… no ‘kingdom’ to establish. Just love people daily and show God our love for Him through that
Top Ten things we miss about home…
-Good friends
-Watching Hockey
-Playing on the Moose Hockey Club (Mark only!)
-Nice clean parks for the kids to play
-Driving the red Jetta (even though it is 13 years old) on smooth pothole-less roads
-A juicy burger, chicken teriyaki sub, barbeque chicken pizza, and ribs… I could go on and on!
-Places to ride a bike or go on a nice walk
-Games evenings with good friends
-Constant and uninterrupted supply of water and power
It is hard to believe that we were originally coming to Africa for two years and ended up staying these seven years.  We’ve worked hard to try and communicate with our families, friends and supporters on the other side of the world.  For those of you who have read along and visited our blog take a crack at answering our trivia questions.  Be the first one to answer everything correctly and we will bring something home for you from the Pearl of Africa!
-What month and year did we arrive in Uganda?
-Where were Seth and Jodie born?
-Where was Megan born?
-The name of the deputy Headmaster  (vice principal) at the school.
         Mr. Kazungu     
         Mr. Lwazzi
         Mr. Masika
-The month we moved into the new school (from Kampala City to the shores of Lake Victoria)
         January 2010
         October 2010
         January 2012
-The animal that got under the gate at our house
         Baby gila monster
-Name of our current mother cat that the kids love…
-Names of our house girl and guard
         Francis and Judy
         Franklin and Joyce
         Francis and Joyce
         Fred and Judy
-Two medical conditions we have had over the years
         West Nile Virus
         Dengue Fever
         Bacterial infection
-Five people who have visited us over the years
         Winnie the Pooh
         Dan and Winnie Williams
         Phil and Shannon Williams
         Wilbur and Orville Wright
         Cindy, Catie, and Mya, Koleba
         President Yoweri K Museveni
         Judy Heinrichs
         The Armbruster Family
         John and Melanie
         Tiger Woods

I trust this short note finds you all well and having enjoyed a great summer.  Though we’ll  return home in the dead of winter, we are looking forward to the summer of 2013.  Until we meet in person blessings on each and everyone one of you.

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