Sunday, July 22, 2012

African Adventures With Mark, Sarah, Seth, Jodie & Megan

Wow, it is hard to believe that it was almost seven years ago that Sarah and I arrived in Uganda. We were a family of two and only planning to stay two years at which point we would return and start a family. Two years turned into many more enjoyable years in Uganda and now a family of five. Seth, Jodie and Megan are the loves of or our lives and we daily pray for wisdom as we raise these three gifts.
I clearly remember getting off the plane for the first time and questioning what exactly I was doing on the other side of the world with my new wife of only a year. As we became familiar with the culture and people we quickly began to enjoy our time. God blessed us with some very amazing people to come alongside and work with us at the school and within the organization. We have learned so much along this journey and are very rich for our time spent in Africa. The friendships God has given us here have truly been the sweetest treasure of our experience here.

So it is with sadness that we will be moving on from the African Children’s Choir at the end of the year. Even though it will be very difficult to say goodbye to a school that I have poured my heart and soul into for seven years we know that God will have something exciting for us to come in the future. We will never forgot the many amazing people we have met along this incredible journey and will always call Uganda our home away from home.

The second academic term of the year is almost completed and this break will allow us to take some time as a family to focus and have fun together. I am not sure exactly what term three will look like as I pass on the torch to a new and most likely Ugandan Headmaster. Please pray for this transition as it will be very difficult for us and many of the staff here as they know we genuinely care for them and they are part of our family.

We are not sure what our life will look like come January but please keep us in your prayers as we move forward with the plans that God has for us. We are very open to anything that may come available and are trusting God to lead us clearly. As a family we know we will need some rest between the time here and whatever is next. The work here has taken very much of my time and energy and we know a time of regrouping and refocusing will be necessary.

To all of you who support us in so many ways we thank you and we ask that you continue that as we transition. We still have another five and a half months until we finish and our goal is to finish strong and be all we can be to this school, staff and students. We will definitely keep you posted as our future plans unfold.

Again, thank you so much for loving us and caring about what happens in our lives and here in Uganda. We love you too.

Blessings, Mark