Tuesday, December 8, 2009

African Adventures With The Williams.... Holidays!

Hello everyone! We're just putting a quick message here on the blog for December... Not because we're too busy Christmas shopping but because Mark has holidays this month (on & off) and we really need them! We're just goint to try and catch up on some projects (Jodie's baby book, one year video for Jodie, and other long overdue household stuff) and some weekend traveling to just get out of the city.

So we have added some pictures that we hope you enjoy!

We're not traveling home to North America this year. It's very expenseive and an exhausting trip after all is said and done and we think this year our family would benefit more from a time here of rest and catch up! But we're going to miss all of you and will be thinking of you (and the snow and apply cider and snowmen). We'll have a very nice time here though, with a Christmas tree and Jodie's first Christmas that she can enjoy. Seth's already asking about a Christmas tree!

We pray this Christmas is great for all of you! Rest. Enjoy one another. Honor old traditions (good ones!) and start one new tradition this year. We plan to help our kids find a toy for a child that doesn't have one. We have the privilege of not packing it in a shoe box but taking a walk down the road and giving it to someone in the neighborhood. Maybe that is a possibility for you as well. Maybe there is a way this year that you can touch someone with the kindness of Christ face to face. We're pretty sure this is a tradition that we can continue no matter where we are and we're excited to see how it will impact our children throught the years.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Love and blessings from,

The Williams Family