Friday, April 3, 2009

The Williams Strawberry Patch

A year ago a friend of Sarah’s was moving and she a few strawberry plants she was willing to give us. What started out as eight plants half dead in the hot Ugandan sun has turned into a little business. Those plants have blossomed into the Williams’ Strawberries Ltd. Our garden is overrun with those tasty little red guys. Our guard who had never seen strawberries until now, thought we were a little crazy at first, but is now part of our little venture. Strawberries our a hot and rare item here. The last time I saw strawberries here they were flown in from Italy and did not look good at all and certainly the price was not good either. About five minutes from our house there is an American Recreational Club that holds a garage sale like event once a month. We have begun to sell Sarah’s homemade strawberry jam, fresh strawberries and basins of strawberry plants. Last month (our first time out) we made about 150 dollars in a few hours and sold out on almost everything.
The Williams work together along with our guard Francis in this little venture. Not a big money maker, but fun and tasty at the same time. Sarah makes the fresh freezer jam and of course Seth loves to help dad pick the strawberries, or perhaps I should say eat them. Francis helps with the watering and transplanting of the plants. On the day of the sale we are all eager to sell, except for Seth who would rather be playing in the sandbox breaking sandcastles and whizzing down the slide.
In these days of economic difficulties everyone is tightening the belt a bit. We felt as a family that we could have a little fun together, while doing what we can to add a little more income to our increased bills. Yes, we are not going to make millions on our strawberry patch, but I we are using our resources and talents to the best of our ability like all of us are called to do. To use what we have been gifted at and work hard with those gifts. And we’re having fun too!

All the best from the Williams Four in the middle of many new things and a budding strawberry patch.

Take care, Mark

Seth: Things I’ve been sayin’ and doin’

I can sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider by myself.

A few weeks ago I told mom I was going outside. She said, ‘Okay. See you later.’ Then I ran back to her, stuck out my hand and said, ‘It was nice to meet you. Thank you for coming.’ Then I went outside.

I like to throw myself on the floor when I’m playing hockey and make crashing noises and then I say, ‘Whoa! I fell down on the hard ice!’

I like when people ask if we are twins when we are in the stroller (every time we go out!) because then mom says, ‘No, he is older,’ and then I say, ‘I’m older! And bigger!’

I also like to jump high and am the best in Kampala!

Jodie: Things I’ve been sayin’ and doin’

I can sit by myself now! Mom puts pillows nearby in case I have a crash but that doesn’t happen very much (mostly just when Seth tries to hug me. I think it’s really funny even if I get a little bump… I just smile.)

I say ‘Da-da-da-da-da. Da-da-da-da-da’ lots and lots…. Especially when I’m tired… then I start saying it really screechy.

I love to swim in the big pool with mom and dad and Seth… I splash myself in the face with water and I kick like a little frog and I can’t even stop when I’m so tired. I just keep going.

I’m starting to laugh lots now. I really like to be tickled and teased. I try not to be shy but sometimes when someone wants to hold me I just feel bad because it’s not mom or dad and then I get tears and my lip quivers and then I melt down crying.

Sarah: Things I’ve been sayin’ and doin’

Hmmm.. things I’ve been sayin’ and doin’ eh?

Pre washing poopy cloth diapers with my rubber gloves on.

Doing lots of kitchen work with Jodie on one hip. She’s a very good passenger and seems to enjoy it if I tell her what I’m doing and teach her recipes.

I’ve been saying lots of, ‘Seth, come on now… let’s go… Seth…. Seth. Seth! This is your last chance to obey!’ (That always gets a very quick result.)

I’ve been making strawberry jam, pickles, granola, bread, and cupcakes. I love it and Seth loves to help make granola. Lots of extra clean up but loads of fun!

Mark: Things I’ve been sayin’ and doin’

Hmmm.. how about things I have not been doing… Trying hard at spending less time at work. More time with Sarah and my two little angels, although one is quickly showing he is all boy.

Enjoying working in the garden and enjoying our many strawberries, along with broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, onions and carrots.

Trying to enjoy life more as it comes and not passing up the moments I usually miss.