Wednesday, October 12, 2011

African Adventures With The Williams Four!

Thanksgiving Day in Uganda seems a little different than it would back in Canada but still the idea is the same. No turkey, although we did have grandpa with us for the last four weeks or so (no offence dad). Of course grandma has been here too and it was nice for Sarah to have the help putting on the feast! The alternative chicken was good and the missing cranberry sauce has never been a favourite of mine anyway. We also added fish for a local twist and Sarah prepared it the way her grandma always has. That was special! As we went around the table to mention something that we were thankful for I did agree with Seth that the juice was a pretty nice thing and thanks were due.
Reflecting on the day it was great to celebrate it in Uganda as it demonstrated once again that we have much more than we realize to be thankful for. Just having a meal to sit down to after an earlier breakfast and lunch I realized was more than many of the people in this world are accustomed to. One is truly blessed if they have three meals a day and a roof over their head. The latter was also evident to me today as one of the staff members at the school asked for a loan so he could fix the leaking roof on his small house for his family.
Speaking of family that was another area that I realized that I am truly blessed by. With a great wife and two fun, but polite kids with a third one on the way a man can’t ask for much more. I took my dad on a few home visits last week and the three homes we visited found no dad and three moms who are HIV positive. The future is not bright for them but I was so impressed with their desire and effort to fight as long as they can to provide for their children.
Having mom and dad Williams with us it is clear that our Godly heritage from both sides of the family is a big blessing. There are not roots to witchcraft like many of the students here fight off. Having two parents that love being grandpa and grandma to Seth and Jodie is a gift like no other. Seth and grandpa have been buds while Jodie has a cooking companion. Thanks to the Williams and Carpenters for a good foundation to begin our family on.
Moving forward we continue to be challenged to do all we can with the students and staff that we come into contact with. We were able to give a generous food hamper to all those on staff this thanksgiving due to the generosity of many of you. God calls us to make a difference and this thanks giving in Uganda has once again made it very clear to us as a family with our Godly heritage and prosperity that we indeed must share the love we have been given. We know you are also committed to making a difference in the lives of those around you who are hungry both physically and spiritually and we encourage you to keep it up!
Blessings, Mark, Sarah, Seth and Jodie