Friday, October 9, 2009

Adventures With The Williams Four: Future Plans

As we look back over our time in Africa it is hard to believe that we have been here for a little over four years. I remember our arrival in early September of 2005 at the airport and thinking that we should just get on the next plane and head back for Canada. Looking back I am very glad we did not decide to do that and as time progressed our initial two year contract has turned into four plus years. Likewise our family of two has been blessed with Seth and Jodie to make a family of four. During our time in Uganda we have seen so much, learned a ton and been blessed by so many. It has been a life changing experience for our family and one that I hope we never forget as we live each day regardless of where we are in five, ten or twenty years.

Recently we have been praying daily concerning our future as we consider renewing our contract here in Uganda. Yes, I will admit that I am dying to see a little bit of Hockey Night In Canada and lace up those skates, but most importantly we think of our many friends and family members back in Canada and the United States. Those are the things that are closest to our hearts and more so for Sarah as our children begin to grow up so fast. Needless to say we strongly feel that being in the palm of God’s hand is not always easy, but it is the best place to be for the Williams Four. Yes, we have decided to extend our contract to the end of 2010 and continue to seek God’s leading for the future. We know that this decision is more difficult for some than others, but please know that we still love you and miss you, but at this point continue to feel called to Uganda with the African Children’s Choir. Although, some of my Canuck and Oiler buddies may be happy that they will not hear the voice of Mark’s “Go Flames, Go” for a little longer.

As we move forward we would seek your continued support as you feel God is leading you. We continue to see much fruit in the hearts and lives of the students at the school and those that have graduated and are grateful to be blessed with a good base for high school. If you would like to be part of our ministry here in any way we would ask you to seek God’s leading. There are so many different ways that you can be part of our work here or help us as a family. Instead of providing different options we would ask you to seek the Lord’s guidance if you feel a tug on your spirit. If you don’t know how you can help but would like to or want to please send us an email at and we can suggest some ways.

For the many of you who have helped us over the past four years we can not say enough about what that has meant to us. We pray Gods richest blessings on you and wish we could thank you in a much bigger way. If I could we would have you all over to our backyard in Uganda for a big barbeque party… One day we will do just that whether it is Kampala, Abbotsford or where God places us.

As this note comes to an end please try and understand the purpose in our staying and do know that we miss you all very much. Until we meet again in person we pray blessing, health and safety on all of you. As we follow God’s leading for our lives we will continue to lift you in prayer and we would be so thankful for your continued prayers. Please keep in touch when you can as we love your emails and other communication. You greatly encourage us!
Much love from the Williams Four.

Heart For Kids!

Four years ago we were clearly led to come and work with the African Children’s Choir here in Uganda. There have been long days, lonely times, but also frequent evidence of the positive impact that our work here has made in the lives of the children that we have worked directly with. Our hope and prayer is that God is glorified in every way through our time here.

Cultures & Traditions

Tradition!!! Sarah helps the ‘groom’s side’ carry in the dowry for a bride to be in the village. We have been blessed to be a part of many of these functions with our new Ugandan friends.

Visitors: Mom & Dad Williams

Being far from home we have been very fortunate to have people from home come and visit us here in Africa. Not only do they come for a much welcome visit from afar, but they also fill up their bags with many goodies for us and the students at the school. Thank you Doerksens, Sas, Shannon, Irwins, Schroeders, Mom and Dad Williams, Josh Campbell, Brent, Daniel, Alice Sharping among others. And… ????

Thank You

While on a road trip with Mark’s parents we stopped at this small village to give out t-shirts to the children playing outside. Thank you MEI for those great T-shirts as they are one of the most prized gifts we give out.
We’ve been blessed by so many generous people who have raised money and sent stuff over to give away! Thanks to all of you! The following picture is of our most faithful fund raising team. Thank you Cloverdale School!!!

Athletics, Academics & Music

Our senior girls’ soccer team won first place in a city wide tournament and returned home with a trophy and even a goat. God is good! We have been blessed as a school with much success in academics, athletics and music. Even though we are very small compared to all the other schools we compete against we have matured into one of the top schools in Kampala and even throughout the entire country of Uganda.

No Higher Calling

This group of pictures shares the most significant purpose here in Uganda. There is no calling here or in North America that can mean more to us than this. Seth, our little big man and Jodie our princess we love you both. Lord we pray for wisdom and strenght!Mustard Anyone???

Reaching Out

Attending choir send off celebrations is an exciting event and here Sarah is holding a young sibling to one of the choir children who was very taken with the white lady. (Before we had children of our own to take over mommy’s lap).


It has been amazing to be in a different country and see the different kinds of wildlife that Africa has been blessed with. We have been able to do some exploring outside the city and see some of God’s great creation. Everything from elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards, hippos, rhinos, monkeys, snakes, crocodiles, water buffalos, many varieties of deer, and numerous birds.

A Loving Staff

The first time we took Seth to the school was a special day! Mark especially enjoys sharing his babies with his staff and students who spare no expression of their adoration! Our children are loved!

Sharing Our Children

Here begins a succession of pictures to give you an idea of how blessed we are to be surrounded by people who love and appreciate our children. Nothing can replace the regular contact and love of our parents and extended families for our children, and we feel that every day. But as God has directed us to be here for now, He has also provided great love for our children and we value that very highly and thank Him for it.

Baby Orphanage

Before our own children were born we enjoyed several trips to a baby orphanage in Jinja Uganda where we would visit the little ones and give them hugs which they absorbed like little sponges. This little guy had a thing for Mark and spent one of our visits refusing to let Mark put him down. (As opposed to the other children the next time we came who took a look at Mark’s white face with facial hair and the whole room of 1 year olds burst into inconsolable terrified shrieking!)


What appears to be a trio of men traveling together with their loads of goods, is truly just a snatch of mild pedestrian traffic. Living in this city has instilled in us a better awareness of our fellow-men as they struggle to make their living alongside of us.


Our first African flight with a little one was a thrill!!! Here in London, Mark is happily toting Seth during a layover. (The novelty wears off!)

Ugandan Children

On one of Sarah’s visits to the village, she snapped this shot of some boys peering through the side of the local church (the size of the average bedroom) as they watched food and clothes being presented to the village leaders.