Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Adventures With Sarah

At last I have been elected to write our newsletter! Mark has been faithfully updating everyone while I have been in the blur of travel and adjusting to two little ones. As I write we are in our final two days in BC. These 12 days have been filled with dentist, immunizations, insuring the car, air-caring the car, servicing and fixing tires on the car, catching up with friends, packing 16 bags, haircuts, eye appointments, dedicating baby Jodie, shower for baby Jodie, big shops for necessities (and specialties) not found abroad, and the little ditties we all spend our lives doing that make us wonder where the day went! The kids have been awesome! And when I think of this time here in BC and the whole time here in North America the words ‘abundant life’ keep coming to my mind….abundant in every sense of the word. Incredible unforgettable times with family and friends, wonderful holiday food, tons of travel, countless inconvenient poopy diapers, perpetual runny nose for Seth, lots of feeding Jodie, more travel, and more special memories than we can even process right now. (Thank heaven for digital cameras!) And as we look ahead to Uganda I see more ‘abundant life’…. Really special friends who love us so much, a prosperous garden in our front yard that never goes out of season, and very meaningful work. And the 16 bags we’re packing? Six for us and 10 full of brand new school supplies and library books for the school. We decided to pay the extra money for the bags and trust God that the money would come in! The Sunday that Jodie was dedicated our church asked what they could do to help! Thanks to many individuals we now have enough to bring over all the bags! So exciting!
I think I will use no more space for writing (and save it for pictures!) except to say that God’s faithfulness has been so amazing! Through our families and friends we have been blessed beyond what I can express in every way and we are inspired to pass on these blessing in Uganda in every way we can. Thank you all for being so special! We love you and will miss you so much! We’ll write more next month. Please pray for safe travel and healthy bodies for the flight to Uganda on Wednesday evening (the 21st) along with our 16 bags, four carry-ons, two car seats, one stroller and one laptop.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Being A Big Brother

Seth loves having a little sister, but doesn't always know what to do when she starts crying. Often he will try and find her a soother or even offer his own. Most likely though he will opt to pass the baby on to mommy or daddy.

Our Next Little Hockey Star

Yes, our little Seth had a chance to learn the game of hockey over Christmas from his big cousin, Ben. He has a good grip and now connects on most shots. Go, Flames Go!

Daddy & His Two Angels

Being a dad is one of the greatest things that has ever happened. Two great kids and a wonderful wife. It does not get much better than that!

Mommy & Jodie

Jodie was a great traveler and enjoys spending time with mom. She is a happy baby who loves to be held and interacting with people.

Bowling With Seth

Seth had a chance to go bowling for the first time over Christmas with daddy, mommy and some of his cousins. There were just not enough balls for Seth to through. He loved every minute of it!

Still Learning

Ooops, not sure where that line is for bowling!